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PORTA-VAC 3 Patented Vacuum Handling Tool

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Battery Replacement

To remove the rear cap or the rechargeable battery pack turn the screw on the rear of the unit ONE turn counterclockwise. The rear cap or battery pack can now be removed with ease. When installing a battery or the rechargeable battery pack always check the polarity. The positive terminal shall be installed towards the top of the tool. To secure the rear compartment turn the screw on the rear of the battery compartment clockwise until it is tight.

NOTE: Rechargeable battery packs and batteries must be charged up before use.

Operation of the PORTA-VAC

To operate the PORTA-VACTM simply depress the button down to turn the unit on and release the button to turn it off. Slight pressure on the button toward the rear may be necessary to prevent the button from locking. The vacuum/battery level indicator light does not illuminate until a SAFE vacuum is established between the wafer tip and the wafer being handled. This same indicator blinks on and off when battery recharge or replacement is necessary. See battery selection procedure that follows to set the PORTA- VACTM for the battery that you are using. To lock the PORTA-VACTM to the on position press the button down and forward. Relax pressure on the button. The PORTA-VACTM should remain on and running. To turn the PORTA-VACTM off when it is in the locked position simply apply pressure to the button towards the rear of the tool and the button will release. The PORTA-VACTM will now be off and the part released.

Filter Replacement

To replace the air filter, disassemble the unit as shown and reassemble with a new filter. Under normal clean room conditions the inlet filter should be replaced annually, more often in dustier areas.

Changing Handling Attachments

To replace a wafer tip pull it out of the press fit adaptor and insert the replacement tip into the adaptor. To use the PORTA-VACTM with vacuum cups, remove the press fit adaptor and replace it with the hub adaptor. To use the PORTA-VACTM with machined wafer tips having a .094” connector tube remove the press fit and replace it with the tube adaptor (and the inside collet).

On/Off Switch Sensitivity Adjustment

If adjustment of the on/off switch is needed (the unit will not shut off or the unit will not hold a part) use the 0.050” hex wrench to adjust the screw inside of the control button. Hold the button from turning when making this adjustment. Clockwise adjustment turns the unit on earlier when the button is pushed while counterclockwise adjustment has the opposite effect.

Setting The Battery Low Warning for Your Battery

The battery selection switch is located on the bottom of the PORTA-VACTM. To set the PORTA-VACTM battery low indicator for use with alkaline, carbon or lithium batteries; rotate the battery selector switch fully clockwise. To set the PORTA- VACTM battery low indicator for use with a nickel metal hydride battery rotate the battery selector switch fully counter-clockwise.

Caution: Do not use excessive force when rotating the switch


Download PDF Product Instructions

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