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BVJ-X-AW-100, BULB-VAC™ With ANTI-WOBBLE™ Cone With No Cup



Only for use with the 1″ (25.4mm) vacuum cup size.

The ANTI-WOBBLE™ tool is designed for enhanced functionality when handling INTEL LGA CPU products.  This tool improves placement accuracy when picking processor chips from a shipping tray and placing into precision sockets. This BULB-VAC™ features an anti-wobble stiffener cone. This tool is designed to work only with a 1″ (25.4mm) diameter vacuum cup.  The rubber vacuum cup is required for proper operation.  Our vacuum-bulb type tools are the lowest cost pick-and-place tools available. These tools are simple to operate.  First make sure that the surface of the vacuum cup is clean.  Next simply squeeze the vacuum bulb, place the soft suction cup squarely on top of the part to be handled, then relax your squeeze on the bulb and the part is firmly gripped. A second squeeze of the bulb releases the part.

Overall dimensions are 3.4″ (86.4mm) long by 1.46″ (37.1mm) wide.  All materials are ESD Safe.

Applications for this tool include pick-and-place of any size of LGA processor.  In the factory it is ideal for picking processors from trays and placing them into motherboard sockets.  For field service operations it is ideal for picking the processor from the shipping tray and placing it into a motherboard socket.  The ANTI-WOBBLE™ cone provides stability when placing large processors into precision sockets.  This tool can be used for handling a variety of large substrates.

1. Replacement vacuum cups are available from Virtual Industries, Inc.  Order NO. V9100-B
2. Hold the squeeze bulb in one hand and pull the vacuum cup off of the tool with your other hand.
3. Line up the hole in the stem of the replacement vacuum cup with the barb protruding from the tool tip and push the cup on while providing a turning motion to the surface of the vacuum cup with your thumb until the vacuum cup is seated.
4. The tool is now ready for use.

Additional Information

0.06 lbs
12 × 12 × 12 in