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VSPT-KIT-8-SA, Deluxe Small Parts Kit 8 Straight Acetal Tips For Handling Micro Parts - With Holder



White Non ESD Safe High Temperature Acetal Small Parts Tips

These tips are designed for handling micro parts. Lower cost Non-ESD Safe Acetal tips. These tips must be used with continuous vacuum systems only.

• White Delrin/Acetal – Non ESD Safe temperatures up to 212°F (100°C).

A kit of all eight straight white acetal small parts tips.

VSPT1005-SA  Straight,  0.010″ (0.25mm) OD  x  0.005″ (0.13mm) ID
VSPT2010-SA  Straight,  0.020″ (0.51mm) OD  x  0.015″ (0.25mm) ID
VSPT2515-SA  Straight,  0.025″ (0.64mm) OD  x  0.020″ (0.38mm) ID
VSPT3020-SA  Straight,  0.030″ (0.76mm) OD  x  0.020″ (0.51mm) ID
VSPT4030-SA  Straight,  0.040″ (1.02mm) OD  x  0.030″ (0.76mm) ID
VSPT6040-SA  Straight,  0.060″ (1.52mm) OD  x  0.040″ (1.02mm) ID
VSPT7050-SA  Straight,  0.070″ (1.78mm) OD  x  0.050″ (1.27mm) ID
VSPT8060-SA  Straight,  0.080″ (2.00mm) OD  x  0.060″ (1.52mm) ID

This product requires a continuous vacuum source.

Additional Information

0.06 lbs
12 × 12 × 12 in