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VWW-2-SD-MW6-2.5mm SLIDE SWITCH WAFER WAND™ Kit With ESD Safe coiled clear permanent static dissipative vacuum hose 5’ (VCH-2.5mm-5) - Wafer Tip (VMWT-B)


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The lightweight, slide switch WAFER-WAND™ is designed for connection to continuous vacuum systems. Operation is controlled by sliding the switch forward to pick up a wafer and sliding the switch back which turns off the vacuum and releases the wafer. With the switch in the back position, vacuum is also blocked so that excess demand is not placed on the vacuum line system. This tool can be used with an in-house vacuum system or with one of Virtual Industries high performance continuous vacuum systems. Can also be used with all of our press-fit tips, adapters and vacuum hoses. Handling tool constructed from Static Dissipative Delrin. NOTE: Requires continuous vacuum source.

This kit includes:

Kits includes a wafer wand, 5’ of coiled vacuum hose, barb threaded adapter, a VBM-4 holder for the WAFER-WAND™ and a wafer tip.

Additional Information

0.06 lbs
12 × 12 × 12 in