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PORTA-WAND ELITE Patented Vacuum Tweezer Model No. VPWE7000AR

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Plug the transformer into an outlet and the power connector into the jack on the side of the charger stand. The red INPUT POWER indicator will light and stay on as long as input power is connected.

Insert the Porta-Wand Elite into the charger stand. The charging stand detects the presence of a battery and turns on both the green BATTERY CHARGING LED and the green BATTERY CHARGED LED. After a moment the BATTERY CHARGED LED will turn off and the BATTERY CHARGING LED will stay on. The rechargeable battery is now being charged. If the battery pack was completely drained before charging then the BATTERY CHARGING LED will stay on for up to 120 minutes. For a partially discharged battery the BATTERY CHARGING LED will stay on for a shorter time period depending on the charge level at the time the tool was inserted into the charging stand. After the battery reaches full charge the BATTERY CHARGING LED will turn off and the BATTERY CHARGED LED will turn on. The unit can be left in the charging stand — overcharging will not occur. The charger will deliver periodic maintenance charge pulses to compensate for the self discharge characteristics of the battery.


If the indicator lights do not turn on when the tool is inserted in the stand then the battery is either open or shorted. Check to make sure that the contacts on the bottom of the tool are clean. If the problem continues then replace the battery.

If both the green BATTERY CHARGING LED and the BATTERY CHARGED LED turn on and stay on then the battery charge level is too low to begin charging. The charger will attempt to raise the charge slowly before beginning a fast charge. If the problem continues then replace the battery.

If the red power LED is not on then check the power supply connections at both ends.

Operation of the PORTA-WAND ELITE

To operate the PORTA-WAND ELITE simply depress the button down to turn the unit on and release the button to turn it off. Slight pressure on the button toward the rear may be necessary to prevent the button from locking. The vacuum/battery level indicator light does not illuminate until a SAFE vacuum is established between the wafer tip and the wafer being handled. This same indicator blinks on and off when battery recharge or replacement is necessary. To lock the PORTA-WAND ELITE to the on position press the button down and forward. Relax pressure on the button. The PORTA-WAND ELITE should remain on and running. To turn the PORTA-WAND ELITE off when it is in the locked position simply apply pressure to the button towards the rear of the tool and the button will release. The PORTA-WAND ELITE will now be off and the part released.

Filter Replacement

To replace the air filter, disassemble the unit as shown and reassemble with a new filter. Under normal clean room conditions the inlet filter should be replaced annually, more often in dustier areas. The 0.1 micron internal exhaust filter is located in the battery pack. When you install a new battery you are automatically replacing the rear exhaust filter.

Download PDF Product Instructions

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